Camel Experience, Gobi Desert, China


I love guiding people! I love to see their eyes when they experience something unique and amazing. Deep down, we are all children and no matter how much wealth or power we have acquired, it still comes down to being surprised and amazed. Si Fang follows this love of giving, this need to provide you with “wow” moments where you know you have witnessed something truly unique. Si Fang represents over 15 years of guiding and researching trips in a part of the world that never stops to amaze me. All of us at Si Fang love Asia and the Pacific, from Bhutan’s views of the Himalayas to Bora Bora’s lagoon, we know which hotel works, we know how to create magic and we also know what to avoid.

Si Fang is your trip, your dates, your travel companions. Simple.

Denis Pagé
Dunedin, New Zealand.

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