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  • Day 1 & 2, Jakarta
  • Day 3, Yogyakarta
  • Day 4 & 5, Borobudur
  • Day 6, 7, 8 & 9, Bali
  • Day 10 & 11, Lombok
  • Day 12-14 (Optional cruise to Komodo & Rinca Islands)
  • Day 15 & 16, Moyo (Optional)
  • Day 17, return back to Bali, end of journey.


Shaped like an anchor, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, sweeping over 3200 miles of oceans from end to end. Numbers boggle the mind when you start looking closely at the fourth largest country in the world. The estimated population is 225 million, split between 300 distinct groups and languages and is the biggest Muslim country on Earth. Indonesia consists of five main islands: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya plus 30 small archipelagoes for a total of more than 17,508 islands (give or take a few, depending on the tide…). The last ten years have seen Indonesia shift towards democracy, open politics and an amazing religious tolerance. This country offers an incredible array of sights, tastes and activities with its spices, temples, sultans, giant lizards, volcanoes and some of the world’s most stunning resorts. Our Si Fang Boutique Itinerary focuses on six islands, leaving 17,502 remaining to explore.


Depending on how many days can you give us to plan your ultimate holiday,  guide services, group size and resorts. Costs include domestic airfares within Indonesia (on business class when available) but not international airfares. Our ground transfers are done in luxury SUV’s for small groups. Your accommodations are in exclusive boutique resorts and include breakfasts and taxes.

We highly recommend the extra 5-night cruise/island stay around Moyo, Rinca and Komodo islands to experience superb snorkeling and diving and view the amazing Komodo dragons in complete safety. Optional events such as helicopter flights, the optional cruise/Moyo island stay and exclusive tours are discussed at time of trip booking and charged separately.

DAY 1 & 2, JAKARTA (2 nights), JAVA ISLAND

We begin our adventure in the capital, Jakarta with a wide range of international flights from the USA and Europe. Javanese believe that their island is the junction between earth and the sky. The capital hosts superb restaurants, a great old town precinct and some unique art galleries. This is the ideal place to recuperate from a long flight and the capital offers three superb boutique resorts in remote areas of the city.


This morning flight will astound you. Java is one of the most densely populated islands in the world but also an island of stunning beauty with volcanoes and coffee plantations, batik printers, shadow puppets, craftsmen and palaces. The city of Yogyakarta is one of higher education with over 6 universities and a vibrant artistic community. We spend the night in the superb private home of one of Indonesia’s most successful businessmen, who will share his enthusiasm for art and culture. You will also visit a sultan’s palace, meet batik printers and share conversations with new art gallery owners and artists along the way.

DAY 4 & 5, BOROBUDUR (2 nights), JAVA ISLAND

We transfer by private car to a remote area of Java, leaving the big cities to experience the countryside of coffee and tea plantations. We are on our way to one of the world’s most amazing resorts, it incorperates stunning architecture and is located near the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. Experience sunrise alone on the temple, we visit local villages nearby and hike around the hills.

DAY 6-9, BALI ISLAND (4 nights)

Your mid day flight from Yogyakarta takes you directly to Bali. Bali has everything from mountains to beaches, rice paddies, golf, shopping, food and art. How you combine this and bring in the best the island has to offer is where Si Fang excels. We do not stay where most tourists do, we work with 3 remote properties in the centre of the island thus avoiding the negative commercial side that Bali unfortunately has. We also believe unpacking your suitcases for a while is good for the soul. Our itinerary in Bali includes visits to private art galleries and craft shops, dinners with architects and previous governors, picnics in remote valleys overlooking stunning rice paddies, private cooking lessons and exclusive ceremonial Hindu dances performed by whole villages just for your pleasure. Our resorts all include private pools, a personal butler, chauffeured limousines and your very own spa therapist. Golfing and helicopter scenic flights are also on the menu.

DAY 10 & 11. LOMBOK ISLAND (2 nights)

We leave Bali for the nearby island of Lombok. Only a 20 minute flight away, yet Lombok is a world apart. One of long beaches, vanilla and pepper plantations and the mighty Gunung Rinjani volcano. Lombok is an island where 90% of the population shares an intricate and very unique mix of Muslim and animistic beliefs. We bring you to villages to see the fishermen come back from a night out fishing, we walk through coconut groves, explore local markets and snorkel around sea turtles. Our favourite resort has an amazing spa and the biggest ocean front villas you could hope for. At this point, you decide to continue on to our optional cruise around Rinca and Komodo Islands or, we will fly you back to Bali where you can connect for your overseas flights back home.

DAY 12-18, MOYO, RINCA & KOMODO ISLANDS (7 nights)

This extension includes an amazing 5 nights , 3 of which are spent cruising around remote islands and starts from Sumbawa Island. We offer different options of charter ships ranging from 30 meters long (3 cabins) to 45 meter traditional sail boats (5 cabins) that will take you around the remote islands of Rinca and Komodo to snorkel, dive, beachcombing and explore. The ships are exclusive to you with state of the art facilities. They come with crew including a chef, naturalist and dive instructor. One of the biggest highlights is to be escorted by national park rangers to see the famed Komodo dragons, giant 4-meter lizards who inhabit the area. Your private cruise is followed by a two night stay on the remote Moyo Island in a luxurious resort where your tented villas offer incredible views over the ocean. Moyo is a nature reserve and a marine park and we will arrange jungle walks, local village visits and dives at your discretion. On the final day, you will transfer back to Bali by sea-plane for your return flight back home.


  • With the assistance of the World Monuments Fund, we planned a departure for a private group to visit Asia’s most amazing monuments that included Borobudur on Java island, we flew an expert from Jakarta to explain the temple on a 2 day visit before flying to Angkor on board a private charter jet.
  • A group of 8 women decided they wanted a spa trip across Asia. We planned a 3 night stop on Bali where they had their individual spa and massage therapists along with a series of yoga, meditation and wellness experiences.

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