China like you've never seen her before!


In Short

  • Day 1-4: Beijing
  • Day 5-6: Xian
  • Day 7-9: Lijiang
  • Day 10-12: Guilin
  • Day 13-14: Hangzhou
  • Day 15-17: Shanghai

An Overview

In less than 30 years, a country with 1.3 billion people transformed itself from a basket case to a superpower! China is indeed mind boggling and we believe we have found a way to show you the 'must sees' of the Middle Kingdom along with the 'more subtle' ways to help you understand what China is all about. This itinerary is for those who have never been to China (see China's Silk Road for those who are coming back to see more). This departure combines the classic images of China from the Forbidden City to the Terra Cotta warriors along with shades of green tea and Himalayan snow peaks, a perfect introduction to China. Join us for an incredible adventure!


From $300 per person per day, depending on group size and accommodation style. Please contact us at ( for a quote!

Day 1,2,3 & 4 Beijing (4 Nights)

The capital is a perfect place to start this Classic Boutique trip. Fast becoming a city rich in art galleries, architectural wonders, great restaurants and some of China’s amazing sights, we love Beijing. We take you on remote parts of the Great Wall, open secret doors inside the Forbidden City and take you along stunning parts of the Old (and fast disappearing) Beijing. If we are lucky, we will take you to performances at the Grand Theatre and we know an amazing place to try your first Peking Duck dinner complete with a French Bordeaux. We show you terraces for cocktails overlooking the imperial court, quiet parks where locals play mah-jong and prepare you an amazing picnic in the Ming Tombs.

Day 5 & 6, Xian (2 Nights)

There is so much more to Xian than the terra cotta army. Of course it is a must see when in China and we do it in a very special way with exclusive access within the museum and on the VIP platform overseeing the soldiers (with hundreds of envious tourists wondering how come these people (i.e. you) get to go down on the red carpet…But Xian is also food, one of the very few remaining city walls in China, a stunning and very intimate mosque, great local parks and the private residence of an Chinese millionaire who hosts us for dinner.

Day 7,8 & 9, Lijiang (3 Nights)

We are not ashamed to say one of the main reasons we love Lijiang is because of the resort we stay in. Many Si Fang travellers have been pulled out of their pool villas kicking and beg ging to stay one more night. After a week of big cities, we like the idea of Himalayan glaciers and minority hill tribes. Lijiang’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see but it’s also very busy with Chinese tourists. So we take you in the countryside for walks in local villages and local markets.

Day 10,11 & 12, Guilin (3 Nights)

Guilin surreal landscape, made famous by generations of painters and poets, is our next stop. From a short afternoon cruise on the Li River, we also take you to meet farmers where you learn all about rice, we hike in the countryside and we explore the superb Guilin terraced fields.

Day 13 & 14, Hangzhou (2 Nights)

No wonder Mao loved this city. Framed by mountains and West Lake right in the middle of the city, This is the capital of green tea, Chinese weddings and ballroom dancing. Our lake front resort offer incredible access to the lake, we sample and pick green tea with a 4th generation farming family and we eat the famous Beggar’s Chicken cooked in clay. Our walks take you along the lake in the morning to dance with the locals and Mozart and we will explore a 300 year-old Buddhist temple.

Day 15,16 & 17, Shanghai (3 Nights)

The crazy city! If there is a New York minute, there is definitely a Shanghai second! The metropolis claims the latest chefs, the best museums, the highest hotels, superb shopping and the biggest World Expo. Si Fang opens special doors at the superb Shanghai Museum, takes you to see gorgeous art deco building with a local expert and an evening of jazz and Chinese cabaret you won’t forget. A perfect way to finish your first China trip is walking along the newly renovated Bund at night….on one side the China that was…and across the Huangpu River, the China that will be…Yin and Yang!

Some Couture Trip Ideas:

  • Many have been to China already and have experienced this magic spell China casts upon new visitors. They want to come back and see a more “remote” China. See our China Remote where we trade off a little bit of hotel luxury for some incredible visions of the real China, one that has yet to change.
  • Yes, after many years spent exploring China, we are offering two Si Fang expeditions in China, one on the Silk Road all the way to Kashgar and the Gobi Desert and our upcoming Tea Route along the Himalayan Plateau and Yunnan Province.
  • Keep an eye out for a new Si Fang Expedition, including Mongolia and Tibet coming up soon.....

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