• Day 1 & 2: VIENTIANE
  • Day 3, 4 & 5: LUANG PRABANG
  • Day 6: BANGKOK


The only landlocked country in South East Asia, Laos sleeps quietly beside the Mekong River and compared to the frantic development of it’s neighbours like Thailand and Vietnam, it has retained an aura of mystery and has now become the “in” place to visit.

Led by one of the few remaining communist governments in the world, Laos has a population of 6.4 million and for decades this country isolated itself from the rest of the world following the American War. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Lao government lost overnight it’s biggest financial contributor and had no choice but to open up to the world. We now see an Open for Business sign with a small wave of tourism investigating this unknown gem. Luxury boutique hotels, gorgeous architecture and Buddhist temples, an unspoiled people and fantastic shopping sees Laos as one of the “must see before it changes forever” country.


Depending on your group size and the hotel selection, our itinerary includes domestic flights in Laos and connecting flight from Bangkok return and transfers. 

Day 1 & 2 VIENTIANE (2 nights)

Our suggested itinerary sees you taking a morning flight from Bangkok to the capital of Laos, Vientiane. For the following two days we will open doors to the city’s main sites including the city’s oldest Buddhist temple built in the 18th century, a guided walk through the Chantabuli District looking at turn of century French and Buddhist architecture with representatives from the Lao Historical Society. We will also take you to the best local bar to watch sunset over the Mekong River followed by a superb dinner combining French and Laotian food. No visit in Vientiane is complete without a walk through the Sunrise Market and we also bring you to unique workshops specialising in superb house wares and hill tribe textiles. On the final morning, we explore the shoreline of the Mekong watching fishermen unloading their catch before going to the airport for our flight to Luang Prabang.

Day 3, 4 & 5, LUANG PRABBANG (3 nights)

The short 45 minutes flight to Luang Prabang allows you to re-connect with the Mekong River. Aside from the 3 wheeler tuk-tuks, traffic is sparse in this temple town…Luan Prabang has 3 main streets and it would take you roughly 15 minutes to cross the whole city at it’s widest part. It’s magic lies not only in it’s slow pace but with the superb architectural wealth represented by over 30 wats (temples) and dozens of two-story French colonial homes built at the turn of the previous century. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a lot of restoration work is underway focusing on it’s alleys and buildings. During your stay we will take you on a guided walk with one of the UNESCO architects to understand the challenges they are facing. We will also see the magnificent Buddhist temples and monasteries, give donations to novice monks who come form nearby villages to receive an education and go across the river to Wat Long Khun where kings meditated before their coronations. A visit to Pak Ou cave includes a 2 hour boat trip up the coffee coloured waters of the Mekong River to look at hundreds of Buddha statues on display, an experience you will not forget. There is no problem finding free time to wander around the small boutique shops displaying a stunning array of Lao textiles and house wares or experience the night market. But more importantly you will have time to sit by the Mekong and experience one of the last countries in Asia where time does not seem to exist.


Your final day in Laos sees you taking the short 90 minutes flight back to Bangkok.


  • A group of friends wanted to experience Laos like in the old colonial days and Si Fang organised a train transfer from Bangkok to Vientiane followed by a 5 day cruise on an exclusive luxury river boat up the Mekong River visiting local villages along the way.

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