In Short

  • Day 1,2 & 3: Sydney
  • Day 4,5 & 6: Hamilton Island
  • Day 7,8 & 9: Kakadu National Park
  • Day 10, 11 & 12: Uluru
  • Day 13,14 & 15: Kangaroo island
  • Day 16 & 17: Melbourne


It's impossible to see Australia in 17 days... But we think we have come up with a way to make you appreciate how incredibly amazing Australia can be! Each country has it's own iconic images, so we obviously wanted to show you the Opera House, the Great Barrier reef and Uluru... but we also wanted to surprise you with the Top End and way down South... From kangaroos to wind swept beaches, camel treks and snorkeling over amazing reefs, we hope you will join us for an amazing adventure.


All depends on the selection of hotel or boutique lodges and if you will require local guides only or a national guide to escort you during the whole trip. Also if you want to fly via private charter or commercial flights. Your itinerary’s final cost can vary greatly depending if you follow the whole itinerary or only a portion of it. The most important issue in Australia is timing, this is such a huge country, to see it all in one departure means a very small window in the year because of the wide range of weather extremes you might encounter, from extreme desert heat to torrential rains. Accommodation range from five-star hotels in the big cities to incredible boutique resorts and wilderness lodges.

The Itinerary

Sydney is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world and our first 3 days allow you to explore the rich cultural and artistic scene of the country. From historical guided walks, amazing meals and wines in the city's top restaurants, a look at art galleries and an exclusive look at Opera House architecture, we know our itinerary will make you want to come back.

From the superlative city, we fly to the Great Barrier where for the next 3 days you spend in one of the most exclusive resorts in Australia. The perfect island for everything from spa to golfing and also incredible areas to snorkel and dive on the Barrier Reef. Experience a seaplane aerial views of the Barrier and a helicopter drop off on a beach for a picnic and a dive.

From the Great Barrier we venture further north (weather allowing) to the Top End near Kakadu National Park and the tropical coastline. The luxury wilderness lodge has and amazing location and offers incredible wildlife viewing from guided bush walks to using airboats in the wetlands and estuaries. This is Australia at it's wildest and the bird life rivals the incredible sunsets. Truly magical with a sense of pure isolation, the Top End makes you realize how huge this country is. With over 50,000 years of aborigine habitation, we explore the world of legends, beliefs and stunning prehistoric cave art. No phones, no TVs, no mini bars, just you and over 300 square kilometres of exclusive nature reserve waiting for you to explore.

You have not seen Australia if you have not experienced 'the Outback'. and there is no better place than the incredible Uluru World Heritage Park and the world's largest monolith, once called Ayer's Rock. It's location and the light bouncing off this incredible geological feature makes our stop here one that becomes almost spiritual. From dawn to sunset, Uluru calls you and makes you understand why the area is so special to aborigines. From camel treks, star gazing to guided hikes and 4-wheel drive explorations, we focus on the superb flora and native culture. Your luxury lodge is the only one within the park, which means that after sunset, when all tourists are gone, you have the whole area just to yourself. Your luxury tents offers incredible views and the lodge includes a pool, spa and one of the most amazing locations for al fresco dinning.

From the Outback, we finally take you to the Wild South and Kangaroo Island. Rarely have we found the most perfect combination of vineyards, wildlife, artists and incredible food in one place. Kangaroo is often compared as Australia's Galapagos and the wealth of weird and wonderful animals is amazing, from kangaroos (obviously...) to wallabies, koalas, penguins, platypus, echidnas and of course incredible bird life. We tour vineyards, meet boutique artisans who cherish this amazing landscape and show us how this reflects in their art. We also enjoy coastal nature walks with guides. The award-winning lodge is beachfront, facing the wild southern ocean and includes a spa and an incredible bar and dining room area. The 20 suites are perfectly isolated, with huge bay windows facing the ocean.

And we decided the most ideal and gentle way to bring you back from a dream trip is to finish this amazing adventure in Melbourne. With a wide range of boutique accommodations, restaurants, art galleries and shopping areas Melbourne offers a perfect balance to all the wilderness you have experienced over the last few days. Melbourne is perfect to walk around and you can use the great tram system all over the central district. Some of our guests have also rented cars and drive along the Great Ocean Road for a few days, others decided to venture further west and explore Perth. Most however agreed, more time was needed to explore Australia!

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