The Four Kingdoms


  • Day 1 & 2: BANGKOK, THAILAND
  • Day 5,6 & 7: ANGKOR, CAMBODIA
  • Day 8 & 9: LUANG PRABANG, LAOS
  • Day 11,12 & 13: BAGAN, MYANMAR
  • Day 14: BANGKOK

There are ancient cities and powers that time has forgotten, cities that once ruled over vast areas of land and people, when kings held divine power and set out to conquer and expand their rule. In Asia, there are four kingdoms that shaped the continent for many centuries. Si Fang’s Four Kingdoms itinerary looks at major empires, now called Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, with a closer look at each country’s ancient symbol of power, the regal cities of Angkor, Ayuthaya, Bagan and Luang Prabang.

Four amazing sites with superb architectural and historical significance with hundreds of remaining temples and shrines. This itinerary is more than an archaeological discovery, it is also a new way to look at some of Asia’s most amazing historical sites while staying in superb boutique lodges and experiencing exclusive events.


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Special Events

  • Ballooning at sunrise over Bagan temples
  • Sunset helicopter trip over Angkor
  • Overnight exclusive rice barge transfer from Bangkok to Ayuthaya
  • Private charter jet between all four countries.
  • Expert researchers and published authors in all four areas to explain each kingdom’s history, art, society and architecture.
  • Si Fang Trip Co-ordinator and host during whole journey.
  • Special events such as champagne breakfasts, candle light dinners within temples, behind the scene tours.
  • Exclusive dinners and receptions in artist galleries and architects homes.
  • All VIP airport transfers and Visa & Customs Red Carpet Procedures
  • Asia’s most exclusive boutique resorts, pool villas and private concierge services in most areas.

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