Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro, Bhutan


Couture Travel is travel at the highest level of customization. Where our Boutique Travel itineraries include specific areas and length, Couture Travel can include several countries in one departure (like a Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam holiday), a specific theme (The Best Spas in Asia or Remote Islands of the Pacific for example) or a much higher level of travel interest (An in- depth look at China’s Architectural Wonders).

Si Fang’s Couture Travel is a perfect way to show you the magic we can create because of our level of contacts and experiences across the continents. From Vietnamese finance ministers to Tahitian diving experts to Singapore’s most incredible shopping guru, we can call on our extensive network to help you design the perfect holiday.

Couture Travel can also include private ways to see Asian and the Pacific. Our ground contacts can handle private jet logistics across all of South East Asia (including Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos) and most airports within China. We also work with two charter companies in Singapore and Hong Kong who can provide the latest in long-range private jets (Gulfstream 550s and Challenger 600s). All our operators meet FAA regulations and include US certified pilots and second-in commands.

We also have contacts that float…We can supply incredible yachts and sailing vessels of medium and large size, from 3 cabins to 7 cabins, all crewed and catered for journeys lasting from a week-end around Phuket to an amazing expedition trip from Bali to Flores or the most amazing diving in Pulau Sipadan in Malaysia.

And finally, if small luxury resorts are not your style, we have looked at and built a network of incredible private homes available in areas like Bali, Phuket and Australia. These homes are completely equipped with several rooms with en suites, pools, catering with chefs if you want and transportation included.

Both Si Fang Boutique Travel© and Couture Travel© have no set dates. We remain completely flexible to the timing of your trip. There is also no set minimum number of people travelling with Si Fang. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for further information and details. See our Si Fang Destinations section to decide where you should go next or contact us directly at info@sifangexpedtions.com

Asia's Four Kingdoms


There are ancient cities and powers that time has forgotten...

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